Arata Endo was born in 1889 in Fukushima Prefecture. He entered Tokyo Imperial University in 1911 and studied architecture. Endo studied Wright's philosophy of architecture during his university life. This helped him to build his ideal view of architecture. That is to find a point where humans and architecture meet, to make architecture the art based on everyday lives, and not to classify architecture into practicality, science or art.
In January 1917, Aisaku Hayashi, the then manager of the Imperial Hotel, introduced Endo to Wright. Endo then had an opportunity to work as chief assistant for Wright's project constructing the Imperial Hotel. Endo learned Wright's thoughts on architecture through this project. He continued to work vigorously, following Wright's philosophy of architecture after Wright left Japan. The Minamisawa school building of Jiyu Gakuen and Koshien Hotel are examples of his important works.

The picture is reprinted from a book en titled
"The Collection of Arata Endo's works."