In April 1921, the first entrance ceremony for the students was held in this memorial room, even though the wood was unpainted and the rough-coated walls were unfinished. It was January 1921 when Mr. and Mrs. Hani visited and asked Wright to design the school, which means most of the construction work had only three months to be completed. Wright extended his congratulations for the opening of the school by sending a following message.
"This little school building was designed for the Jiyu - Gakuen - in the same spirit implied by the name of the school - a free spirit. The children seem to belong to the building in quite the same way as the flowers belong to the tree, and the building belongs to them as the tree belongs to its flowers."
The rest of construction work continued as classes were conducted, and the whole of main building was finished around a year after the first entrance ceremony.
After the restoration project was over, this memorial room was named 'Room 1921' after the year when the room was completed. Today, this room is available for various types of functions and meetings such as receptions and seminars.