One of the principles Mr. and Mrs. Hani set for their school was that all the students should come and enjoy a hot homemade lunch together. Therefore, the dining hall was planned as the center of the school, which was considered to be a unique design at that time. Wright designed the central main hall. Between 1923 to 1924, Endo built other small rooms on the north, east and west side of the main hall, as the central main hall became too small for the increasing number of students.
Prior to restoration of the dining hall, the kitchen was located just underneath the dining hall. This kitchen was where students originally took turns cooking lunch. After restoration of the hall was finished, the kitchen was relocated to a new building. The room which had been the kitchen was converted to a machinery room and staff office.

 ●Furniture in the dining hall
The set of old furniture placed in the small dining rooms was designed by Arata Endo. Mr. and Mrs. Hani asked him to make sufficient tables and chairs for all the teachers and students to enjoy meals together. Endo put his maximum effort into creating the designs of the tables and the chairs within a limited budget. You can see his creative ideas reflected in the features of the tables and the chairs when you enter the small dining room.
 ●Lighting in the dining hall
The design of V-shaped hanging pendant light is representative of the beauty of designs in Myonichikan. The pendant lighting was not planned in the original blueprint. The lights were supposed to be flush to the ceiling. However, when he visited the construction site it is said Wright found the ceiling was higher than he had thought. As a result he designed the pendant lights.